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JS10th #507

Owned by: Michiel Feekes
Located in: Noord Holland, Netherlands
Grading: Mint (Played with care)
Rating: 8/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

There is one very thin line on the body and the screw of the strap keeps getting loose which is pretty annoying. I played the guitar once or twice (I needed to know how it sounds like of course:-)) but with extreme care not to spoil it's sheer beauty.
Additional comments:

This chromeboy is actually not serialised (thanks Cam for adding 507). The previous owner had it replaced because the original had severe quality problems and Ibanez forgot to serialise the replacement. The story goes that it came right out of the custom shop of the man himself so he left it that way (verified by Dutch Ibanez importer). To give the beauty the attention it deserves, I had a friend of mine create the Panel/ Display (www.vormmakers.nl for more info). Thanks again Rob:-)The picture comes from the original 1998 catalog.
Chrome Boy #507 Chrome Boy #507 Chrome Boy #507 Chrome Boy #507
Chrome Boy #507

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