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JS10th #425

Owned by: Guillaume G BE
Located in: France
Grading: Dead-Mint (Unplayed, no non-factory scratches or marks)
Rating: 10/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Additional comments:

In 1998, I got enough money to buy the JS10th. I succeed to be on the French list. But I received a call from my provider because the Chrome of the guitar was not perfect and lot of customer decided to not buy it. So they asked me to go to the yearly music show in Paris to see an example. I went with my friends and my girl friend (who is my wife now). When we saw the prototype, it was horrible. So I deceided to buy the JS90th which have an great sound... The color is strange but the sound is great. As I was very sad, my girl friend found in 1999, on Internet, a guy who sold one JS10th for nothing. She contact him and organized a surprise week-end for me. At last minute, she provided me an address. When we arrived, I was surprised to see an house and not an hotel... So I decided to get married with her ;-)... The sound of the JS10th is very similar to the JS90th... 3 children later, she found for me again a nice JS700 which is for me the good add-on in my guitat sound panel (A Strat David Gilmour, 1 JEM UV777BK, 1 Custom JEM7V, 3 JS) So now My JS are named as my children ;-)

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