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JS10th #281

Owned by: Preeyapas Somboonphol
Located in: Thailand
Grading: Mint (Played with care)
Rating: 8/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Additional comments:

I'm not sure how many people have owned this Js10th but I guess there is only one judging from the story told by the shop and the condition of it. This guitar has no damage at all except on the cover plate at the back when the chrome has worn out and you can see the copper for some spots around it. Otherwise, the tremolo, the picking area and body look just fine to me. I'm not the kind of buy-sell-or-trade guy. So, whatever may happen to the world or me but this piece of gem will stay with me forever. The only reasons this guitar will be away from me are either I die or I give it to someone I really do love.
Owner's website: www.loobklum.com
Chrome Boy #281 Chrome Boy #281 Chrome Boy #281 Chrome Boy #281
Chrome Boy #281

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