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JS10th #208

Owned by: Nick Schenk
Located in: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Grading: Mint (Played with care)
Rating: 8/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

Some very minor blemishes including 3 runs in the chrome - 1 running up the body from the bridge approx. 5cm long, 1 barely visible behind the trem and another on the top edge where your arm rests.

There are ultra light polishes in the playing area below the strings that are only visible very close at certain angles, There are a few ‘dusts’ and fine polish swirls. And two tiny (less than 1.5mm) ‘hairs’ (the name given to these blemishes that arose in the chroming process). There is a small pin head size black dot anomaly close to the front edge about level with the controls, there is a small 1mm radius spot where a ‘chrome bubble’ was that now exposes a tiny bit of the luthite on the side edge near the jack plug.
Additional comments:

Just got this beautiful specimen a little over a week ago. Thanks, Cam! Had it professionally set up here in Chicago. There's nothing more exciting than first opening the case and seeing brilliant chrome snugly surrounded by crushed purple velvet! First tracks have been recorded (with great care) in my studio and it sounds incredible. The luthite has better tonal quality than I could've imagined. I will be posting a few sound clips/songs very soon. Debbie, thanks for putting up with my Joe fetish. This is definitely an early Christmas present ;) Thanks to Scott at Fat Cat Guitars in Chicago for taking great care in the set up. Everything is perfect.
Owner's website: (coming soon)
Chrome Boy #208

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