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JS10th #194

Owned by: Stephen McAllister
Located in: Renfrewshire, United Kingdom
Grading: Excellent
Rating: 9/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

I bought this from a private seller a few years ago and it was in near mint condition. It had been played with care. I have used and gigged this guitar over the last few years so it has some minor wear so I wouldn't class it as mint but it certainly is still in excellent condition. Fret wear is minimal and it plays like an absolute dream. Replaced the output jack around three years ago, the rest of the guitar is all original. Round the back some of the chrome has rubbed off the access cover. There are a couple of tiny marks where the chrome has been lightly scuffed on the facing side, literally a milliletre or two in size area wise no luthite showing though and this sits under the arm during playing so it isnt normally seen unless you get really close. There is a scuff on the side where a clip lock strap has contacted the body and you can see the luthite there but this is also hidden from view most of the time and is quite small. There are a couple of tiny hairline cracks in the chrome at the heel pocket also. This one has been signed by Joe himself and he said during the signing that the chrome finish was better on mine than many others he had seen. I have played the guitar and really really enjoyed it since then so thats why it isnt mint but I would do the same again if I picked up another. I always get loads of folk over for a chat and a look during gigs when I take this out. A pleasure and a joy to own.

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