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JS10th #17

Owned by: Chris DeNicola
Located in: New York, United States
Grading: Mint (Played with care)
Rating: 10/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

There's a few little areas where the chrome is distorted, and some chipping around the strap button screw sites, but other than that, it's friggin' incredible. And on 4/2/08, the back of the headstock was SIGNED by the great Joe Satriani himself!!
Additional comments:

This is hands down the best guitar I've ever played. It feels great, and the tones I can get out of this thing are limitless. You might think I'd hog it all to myself, but I've actually let quite a few people play it...and most say it's the best guitar they've ever played as well. And of course, the look alone has earned me a reputation. I remember when I brought it to dress rehearsal at my Senior year talent show. The auditorium was full of people getting ready to rehearse, and I just set the case on the floor at the back of the stage, and opened it. I went away for a few seconds to grab some speaker cables, and when I got back, there were several people gathered around the case, just staring in awe. And the best part is, of all the people that have been floored by it, only ONE GUY gets to take it home every day!
Owner's website: www.youtube.com/CDenic
Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17
Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17 Chrome Boy #17

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